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The Association

Bibliothecarii Medicinae Fenniae (BMF) is a professional association for medical and health librarians and information professionals in Finland. The association was established in 1980.

The main goals of the association are:

  • To help the members create professional networks.
  • To help medical and health librarians and information specialists develop their professional skills.
  • To promote medical and health library activities.
  • To support development and innovations in medical and health libraries and information services.

In order to achieve these goals Bibliothecarii Medicinae Fenniae:

  • organizes continuing education courses and seminars,
  • informs members about current developments
  • and supports international cooperation.

The members of Bibliothecarii Medicinae Fenniae work in various kinds of medical and health libraries and information services, for example in universities, polytechnics, hospitals and research institutes.


  • The connections between Finland and EAHIL (European Association for Health Information and Libraries) are organized by Bibliothecarii Medicinae Fenniae.
  • In 2008 Bibliothecarii Medicinae Fenniae hosted the 11th EAHIL Conference in Helsinki in cooperation with the National Library of Health Sciences – Terkko.
  • Finland has two members in the EAHIL Executive Board; Tuulevi Ovaska, and Tiina Heino (chair of BMF).
  • Finland has three EAHIL Council Members; Elise Johansson (board member of BMF), Ritva Miikki (board member of BMF) and Sarah Hagström (board member of BMF).
  • Katri Larmo (board member of BMF) is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of EAHIL


  • BMF is a member of IFLA.
  • BMF was one of the Finnish library organizations and associations that collaborated in organizing IFLA2012.
  • BMF’s representative in the LOC was Leena Toivonen (Tampere University); with Minna Liikala (THL, Helsinki) as her deputy.

Contact persons, year 2019


Tiina Heino



Tiina Helamaa


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